Electric Motor Sales & Services

Our challenge for every electric motor repair is twofold:
Repair the equipment properly; and demonstrate through proper testingand documentation that repaired motors operate equal to or better than original manufacturer specifications. Using today’s latest repair and testing procedures, our customers are assured a high quality product. Follow that with detailed failure analysis and service reports enabling our customers the opportunity to use that information to improve their maintenance practices.

CDM also carries a variety of well-known motor manufacturers. Not all motors are created equal, we can ensure you get the proper motor for your application. Need a custom order, we can manufacture motor bases or modify any motor to suit the location or application.

Pump Sales & Services

CDM’s centrifugal and submersible pump repair facilities can restore your pumps and other industrial equipment to work like new.

Our approach to repairing any component is to analyze each unit, re-engineer when necessary and upgrade equipment to maximize reliability.

In addition, we have pump indentification providing detailed repair of reports featuring, “As Found/As Built” dimensional data, failure analysis and component replacement. We also offer a variety of pump replacement options. We can reverse engineer your existing pump system to ensure your new pump fits perfectly into your existing system.

Machine Shop Services

At CDM we are capable of repairing anything involving motor, pump and rotating equipment.

Our machining and milling capibilities allow us to repair and/or modify motors, manufacture transition bases and install new shafts in motors and pumps from fractional HP to 5000 HP.

We are capable of shaft build up with MIG, ARC or Thermal spray welding.

We offer different coatings from high corrosion resistant shaft seats on pump shafts to ceramic buildup on motor bearing seats for insulating properties. We repair bearing housings on motors, pumps, gearboxes, brakes and clutch assemblies.

We also offer dynamic balancing to ensure that once all repairs are completed the final product is balanced well below industry standards.

PdMA (Motor Circuit Evaluator)

With electrical fault responsible for nearly 50% of all motor failures, taking a proactive approach to these problems become a necessity. Motor Circuit Evaluator (MCE) is a predictive maintenance technology, that provides comprehensive, portable motor testing. The MCE Max tester allows you to test de-energized and energized electric motors, large or small, AC or DC, and determine the condition of the motor and its associated power circuit in a short period of time. The data is immediately stored for trending, comparison, and report generating. The MCE tester allows you to perform condition-based maintenance rather than time-based maintenance. This prevents costly motor failures and unnecessary report generating.

Laser Alignment

Poorly aligned shafts are responsible for many machine problems. When misaligned, the loading of shafts dramatically increases due to the reaction forces created within the coupling. Poor alignment means: - Premature bearing, seal, shaft and coupling failures - High bearing and coupling temperatures - Excessive vibration - Looseness of foundation bolts - The breaking (or cracking) of shafts at, or close to the inboard - High power consumption

Vibration Analysis

Predictive maintenance procedures are dependent on the use of vibration as the principal technology to evaluate machine condition. The procedures function in three stages: monitoring for change, fault diagnostics to determine what is wrong, and severity assessment to evaluate how good or bad it is. Routine measurement and trending of vibration on machine parts provide a simple way to screen for vibration changes and thus faults.

Field Balancing

Excessive vibration in rotating machinery can cause unacceptable levels of noise and, more importantly, substancially reduce the life of the shaft bearings. Advantages of On-Site Balancing: - Down time is decreased, as you don't have to remove the rotor from site. - Bearing life is maintained. - Balanced under operating conditions.